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Criminal defense honors

Arch McColl, Criminal Defense Lawyer, has won a death penalty case in the U.S. Supreme Court; has obtained a Presidential pardon; is past president of the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association; is a former member of the Boards of Directors of the Dallas Bar Association and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association; past President of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers; is a fellow of the Texas and Dallas Bar Foundations; is active in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; is the author of a criminal law book and many criminal law articles; graduated cum laude from Princeton University and St. Mary's University Law School, where he had the honor of serving on the Law Journal; McColl is listed in Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Arch McColl was voted best criminal defense attorney in Dallas by D Magazine.

Federal and State post-conviction relief and Presidential pardons

For 28 years, attorney Arch McColl has successfully overturned convictions in federal and state post-conviction proceedings, including § 2255 federal applications and, including a successful Presidential pardon for a mortgage banker. A post-conviction proceeding occurs once the appeal is over. These proceedings can be used to expand the record to show, for example, what the trial lawyer failed to do or what the trial attorney did do, but should not have done. For example, the trial attorney may have failed to interview key witnesses that the citizen-accused told him would be good defense witnesses. Arch McColl recently overturned consecutive (or "stacked") life sentences in an aggravated sexual assault case originating in Denton County, Texas, for an innocent citizen using an aggressive, imaginative and persistent strategy

Successfully handled DWI and intoxication manslaughter cases

Criminal Defense Lawyer Arch McColl has developed innovative techniques in conjunction with defending DWI cases, including the opinions of toxicologists, who view the video of the citizen-accused, and kinesiologists, who also give their expert opinions on the impact of alcohol or other intoxicants on the physiology of a particular person, given their height, weight and other physical characteristics, etc. As just a few examples of his innovative work using experts, including accident reconstructionists and toxicologists, Arch McColl successfully defended a DWI client whose car had struck a police car, sending the police officers to the hospital; successfully defended a client in an intoxication manslaughter case, who admitted to the officer at the time of arrest that he had just "drunk a whole case of beer;" and, using a metallurgist and an expert with a Masters Degree from Texas A&M in mechanics, Arch McColl "dissected" the brakes on a Jaguar, which was being refurbished, to prove that a fatal accident would have occurred even without the intoxication of the driver. In DWI cases involving the analysis of blood for alcohol content, McColl has used a ten-page affidavit of a nationally known forensic laboratory auditor to request over 100 documents from the forensic crime laboratory regarding the physical aspects and conditions of the laboratory, consistent with national standards; the taking, transporting and storage of the blood; and, the training of the technicians to measure the overall compliance of all aspects of the laboratory to show reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of the blood testing because the laboratory is out of compliance with national standards.

Arch McColl has pioneered model presentations to the Grand Jury

For over 30 years, Arch McColl has set the successful model for a vigorous, thorough, and persuasive defense before a Grand Jury in both white-collar criminal cases as well as in the more traditional cases against citizens accused of criminal offenses. The frequently successful outcomes result in no charges being filed. Additionally, McColl has successfully provided, in both state and federal courts, his criminal defense services to a wide range of clients, including politicians, bankers, financial professionals, accountants, attorneys, government contractors, business professionals, physicians, psychiatrists and non-professionals in all walks of life.

Arch McColl is the author of many criminal law publications

Criminal Defense Lawyer Arch McColl has authored numerous criminal law articles on federal and state criminal law and has written, and continues to update, a book, used by judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers throughout Texas, entitled, Erisman's Reversible Error in Texas Criminal Cases, which he was asked to write in 1983, upon the death of Judge Erisman, the original author. McColl is also a frequent guest lecturer for various attorney organizations, including the State Bar of Texas' seminars for judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers on various criminal law topics.

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