Judges use my book


Defense counsel who is appointed by the court . . . has exactly the same duties and burdens and responsibilities as the highly paid, paid-in-advance criminal lawyer. (Ferri v. Ackerman, 444 U.S. 193,200 [1979])

--Chief Justice Warren Burger

The one book you need to properly defend your client.

--Richard "Racehorse" Haynes

An easy-to-use, 750 page practice manual that does your research for you, and is used by hundreds of lawyers and judges.

--Judge James Barlow, 186th District Court, San Antonio, Texas

Erisman's is a needed legal research tool in every law library.

--John Hagler, Former Chief Appellate Attorney, Dallas County District Attorney's Office

Erisman's continues as the mainstay of the criminal lawyer and the vital and necessary tool of the civil lawyer who has been appointed to a criminal case.

--Emmett Colvin, Former Dean, National College for Criminal Defense

Erisman's is excellent for the defense of both federal and state cases.

--Gerald Goldstein, Former President, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

None should date a criminal defense without Erisman's Third Edition.

--Warren Burnett, Odessa trial attorney

Having utilized Erisman's since its original publication in the 50's, I can truthfully say that its update by Arch McColl, Criminal Defense Lawyer and Mike McColloch has made the book even more valuable to the criminal practitioner. Courts, prosecutors, and defense counsel owe you a debt of gratitude for your efforts. --Frank Maloney, Former Judge, Texas Court of Ciminal Appeals

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