Typical cost of post conviction relief

The minimum charge for Mr. McColl’s filing an effective application for writ of habeas corpus, following a thorough interview with the client; a personal visit to the client if he is incarcerated; a thorough interview of all the relevant witnesses; an examination of all the relevant documents; an analysis of applicability of existing and/or new case and statutory law, is $25,000, plus expenses, which can vary, but usually run at least $5,000. Mr. McColl charges $300 an hour, and usually the $25,000 attorney’s fee will coverthat, unless the Court of Criminal Appeals orders additional briefing, etc. In federal court, an application for writ of habeas corpus is the same fee at each of the three levels of court: The District Court, the Court of Appeals, and a Petition for Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, if the client desires that. So, on the federal system, that is a total of $75,000 in attorney’s fees and $15,000 in costs, as a general rule.

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