Criminal Defense Specialties Include:

State and Federal Criminal Investigations & Trials

State and Federal Criminal Appeals

State and Federal Post-conviction Remedies (section 2255 Applications)

Medicare and Healthcare Fraud

Investigations by Federal Regulatory Agencies Involving Potential Criminal Liability for Individuals and Corporations (e.g., SEC, HHS, IRS, DEA, HUD, EPA, OSHA, FDIC, DOT, etc.)

State and Federal Parole and Early Probation Termination

Presidential and Gubernatorial Pardons

White-Collar Crime defense

IRS Criminal Investigations

Deportation Based on Criminal Accusations

Polygraph Litigation

Legislative Lobbying

Federal and State Grand Jury Representation

Federal and State Drug Charges

DWI and Intoxication Manslaughter

All sex related cases including child pornography

Domestic Violence

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