I retained Arch McColl to defend me against a false federal accusation by a large federal government agency. The agency was relying on facts that were inaccurate and interpretations that were flatly wrong. It was difficult to get their attention, but Mr. McColl slowly turned them around and made the lightbulb go on for them that I was not guilty of any wrongdoing. It required a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time, but Mr. McColl cleared the deck and gave me his undivided attention for as long as was necessary to get the job done. That resulted in stopping the federal criminal investigation and preventing the charges from being filed. I cannot remember ever being so relieved; I was able to get my life back and my business going again. Mr. McColl believed in me, and was determined to show the government that it was wrong.

D.R., Houston
05 August 2015

I retained Mr. McColl to represent the foreman of my ranch who was falsely accused of aggravated sexual assault. The foreman had an excellent past and excellent references with no history of breaking the law, including not having a speeding ticket. He was 35 years old, and took care of my large ranch north of Denton, Texas, including exercising my 20 championship horses. Mr. McColl was tireless in his effort, which finally paid off, to interview the girl who was making the accusation. He also tracked down other men from across North Texas, going as far as Amarillo, who had dated her, and against whom she had made similar accusations, which were determined by law enforcement to be unfounded. Mr. McColl also had an expert examine the photograph of the nude girl (the accuser) which had been found in my foreman’s home. The expert was able to determine from the “metadata” of the photograph the make and model of the phone with the app with which the photograph had been taken, which did not match the phone of my foreman, but did match the make and model of the girl’s phone. The metadata, which also included a GPS, showed the location where the picture had been taken, which contradicted the place where the girl said it had been taken. Based on her lack of credibility, her past conduct and the strong written character references that Mr. McColl was able to obtain for my foreman, Mr. McColl stopped the case before it was even filed with the District Attorney’s office. Mr. McColl then got the foreman’s arrest record expunged. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. McColl’s determination. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a passionate, smart and determined “bulldog” in his corner in a criminal case.

B.T., Justin
28 August 2015

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